Terms of Service

Rules and Regulations for Sales:

1. Customer is entitled to replacement or refund of goods sold within fifteen days from the date of purchase in accordance with the conditions announced by the company.

2. All goods are under warranty for period of (12) months from the date of purchase, subject to the conditions of the warranty card, except the accessories attached to the device

Rules and Regulations for Repair:

3. To claim service under warranty, the customer will need to bring his device along with the original invoice and the corresponding warranty card

4. If the customer has handed over his/her device for repair, he shall pay an examination fees KD 3/- (Kuwait Dinars Three only) this applies only to devices that are not under warranty by the company. The customer will not be entitled to a refund of the original examination fee in case the device is deemed un-repairable or in case the customer refuses to pay the estimated repair fee

5. In case the device can not be repaired, or the customer has refused the estimation cost of repair, the company will not bear any responsibility arising from the device hereafter

6.An original service order receipt must be presented to claim the repaired device. In case the service order receipt is lost, delivery will be made only to the person / organization whose name appears on the service order receipt, provided that, the customer fulfills the required legal procedures

7. Device submitted for repair shall be collected within (30) days from the submission date. In case the (30) days period is exceeded, the customer loses his right to claim back his device as per the company rules and regulations

8. The company has the right to cancel its label on the device warranty if conditions are not followed, warranty expires or customer does not have the original purchase invoice or warranty card

9. The company is not responsible for any commercial programs, not certified by it, installed by the customer, which may affect the performance and efficiency of the device

10. All devices repaired by the company are under warranty for a period of (15) day only for the specific fault(s) from the date of delivery to customer.

11. No warranty applies in case liquid is found inside the device

12. In case customer loses the temporary alternative device (if applicable) customer will be liable to pay the price of the device

13. In case the device is replaced (SWAP) due to manufacturing defect, company will replace the board only, without any accessories or covers through its main workshop

14. The fees of V.I.P Services is 10 KD paid by the customer regarding visiting him in his place for receipt, delivery or maintenance and does not cover any repair chargesor spare parts prices.

15. Customer is obliged to pay 3 KD in case of canceling the appointment or not agreeing to complete the maintenance work.